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I'm not the type to have an "online store". Rather I have this really impractical system,
where you relay me an email about whatever you want to buy from me, and then we have some
correspondence about the transaction. So (a) you have a paper trail of it and (b) I don't
have to receive a bunch of spam emails from a company that is also taking a (probably large)
percentage of the money you are sending me.


Entrales Onto Addendum

Short story, single issue. Staple bound. Black ink, green paper. Features my oozing brain matter, mixed with illustrations, betrayals, and a whole lotta commotion. "How would you describe this work?" Oh god, do I have to? I guess sci fi? Hey, just read this preview.

ADSR at 12 o'Clock

Short story, single issue. Staple bound. Black ink, blue paper. Upset with narrative, breathes asthmatically with turmoil. Might be better if you just read the preview.

Short Story Booster Pack

Three short stories. Perfect binding. Plain cover, white paper, blue ink. Three random selections from my conglomerate of short fiction. Total number of pages varies, bigger is not always better. No two issues of this product are alike. (Let me know if you already own a copy of a certain story, so I don't send you something you already have)

Forgotten Garbage

Want a handful of stories for the price of one? Perfect binding. Plain cover, white paper, black + green ink. This includes my poems, short stories and drawings I am not particularly a fan of. But who am I to deny the right? Here check out some excerpts.

Linen Pilgrimage: Junk #1

Perfect binding. Illustrated (by me) cover. White paper, black ink. You have been seriously cheated if you have not met Max or Jake, my cohorts in the undulating press circuit known as Linen Pilgrimage . This is our first "issue" of our work. We want to publish several bright and beautiful things for all to see, so why not take a peek at it?


Piano Orchestrations

Staple bound. Over the course of the spring I wrote five orchestrations based off five different piano pieces. One is for brass quintet, one is for string quartet, woodwind quintet, wind ensemble and finally orchestra. They are all short orchestrations, none of them cracking beyond a minute and a half in length. The PDFs are free on this site, but if you want the physical prints, gonna have to charge ya.

3 Scores

Staple bound. Three original pieces I wrote. One for tape machines, 2 clarinets and guitar (nylon). One for gayageum, hayageum and geomungo. One for string trio and french horn. The PDFs are free to preview online, but physical prints cost you the bucks.


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